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08 Numbers cost to call

08 Numbers cost to call

08 Numbers cost to call

Various Virtual / 08 Numbers and Charges Per Minute

A huge range of various virtual/08 numbers and charges per minute are available here in the UK for companies to choose a number from, these start from 2p/minute through to 10p/minute. 09 numbers are charged at up to £1.50/minute

Some have a connection charge too which can make the first minute much more. Each number range has it's own unique charge per minute to call, so all 0844 571 XXXX numbers are all charged at the same rate when called from say the BT network.

Each network re-seller may charge a slightly different price to call a range, but everyone quotes BT rates to give a clear indication only of what anyone may have to pay per minute.

Since the de-regulation of the telecoms market in the UK, fierce competition has driven prices down thus meaning that the cost to make a local or national call has come right down.

Whilst this has been welcomed by all users it has left 08 numbers with descriptions of "Local Rate Numbers" (0845) no longer being accurate and therefore, potentially misleading callers.

Ofcom needed to address this, as they already have with changes to 0870 numbers which were enforced back on the 1st of August 2009. Pricing changes to 0845 is expected in the very near future but to date an official date for these 0845 changes has not yet been announced by Ofcom.

For advice you can contact Ofcom on: 0300 123 3333.
Or alternatively visit their website by clicking below.

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