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08 Future of Telecoms 2017+

08 Future of Telecoms 2017+

08 Future of Telecoms 2017+

The future is very positive for the UK telecoms market 2017+ regarding 08 numbers:

0800 Ofcom 2015 change will make Freephone 0800 numbers free on all UK networks as per the description a 'free phone number'. Announcements back in April 2012 stated they intended to introduce this in 2015, the date has been set now for 1st July 2015. .

0845 is not specifically to be changed as such however using 0845 may leave your business not compliant with the new EU directive that came in to affect in 2013, many may not realise that their choice of contract numbers breaches the clear guidelines. The old description of 0845 as a 'local rate number' is no longer relevant nor is it accurate. We say in simple terms unless you have shares in Vodafone do not use 0845 numbers in your business. If you have an 0845 change it by one digit to the 0345 equivalent & get rid of it ASAP

The date for 080 has been clarified for this the biggest 08 change ever. 2015 New Ofcom rules also mean networks must clarify the connection charges they are applying so callers have a very clear picture of what that network will charge them to make that call, they would add the declared charge per minute plus the networks connection charge together. This new pressure to make the business users declare the charge per minute for the number range they have chosen will further help to remove the confusion. It will also give an incentive to the mobile networks in particular to charge callers the same to call 08 numbers as a fixed line network providers does, so stop the over- charging currently in place. Why should the mobiles charge much higher rates to call such numbers than the landline networks do? These changes will help to remove the general public's uncertainty regarding the pricing of these numbers. All this is good news for UK callers to business 08 numbers & users of 08 numbers too.

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