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0870 Cost to Call Charges 0370

0870 Cost to Call Charges 0370

0870 Cost to Call Charges 0370

0870 costs anywhere from 0p/minute through to 13p/minute plus a network access charge.

The network access charge is applied by the carrier you are using to make the call an EE handset. Pre-deregulation 0870 use to cost 'national rate', which used to be in the BT monopoly days; 6.7p at peak time. On 1st August 2009 Ofcom addressed 0870 & so the charge/minute to call these numbers became the same price as if you were calling any 01 or 02 or 03 number. Following the 1st July 2015 Ofcom change 0870 numbers now are up to 13p/minute. Depending upon the service charge price point, some 0870 numbers may be chargeable i.e a business would have to pay per minute to receive calls and some may (at 13p) would provide a significant revenue. Mobile networks charge the access charge in addition to the service charge at up to 45p/min to call 087 or 084 numbers depending on the mobile network used.

0870 Ofcom changes - 1st August 2009 then 1st July 2015

Following the change to Ofcom legislation in 2015, businesses using 0870 numbers have to pay up to thirteen pence per minute to receive calls. The changes in 2009 actually saw all 0870 number reduced to the cost of a landline call on all networks. This stopped 0870 in its tracks as a revenue generating 08 range and made it a landline range however the problem remained that the mobile networks still charged much higher rates compared to 01 or 02 numbers to call 0870. So now following the July 15 0870 changes if the owner of the 0870 swaps from one digit to become a 0370 then all 0370 calls to their number would be charged at the same rate as 01, 02 number. 0345 is the new 0845 number, the new alternative to promote business calls (0370 for those with a 0870 now) who want a free new number. It is possible to potentially still earn a small revenue share per minute from the 0870 without moving to an 0871 or 0844 number. If the owner of the 0870 swaps one digit to become a 0370 then all 0370 calls to their number would be charged at the same rate as 01, 02 number.

Cut Your 0870 in Half - Make 0370

If you have an 0870 number stuck on the side of your vehicles, you can literally cut the 8 in half vertically to turn it into a 3. That was the simple idea behind creating the 0370 & 0345 ranges. The crucial difference between 03 & 08 is that no access charge is applied to 03 calls. So business owner users of 0870 swap one digit on their van and paper literature (to become a 0370) then all 0370 calls to their number will be charged to those callers at the same rate as 01, 02 number. 03 whilst not a free to call number (like 0800 & 0808) it is a sales friendly mobile friendly cheap call number range that is perfect for a growing national business.

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