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Local Call? BT Domestic 0845 UK Friendly

Whether you want to develop your customer service, create spectacular skills based support teams, differentiating between levels of experience the service/support your staff can offer or you simply just want to try to win more business, we can help you to meet all your needs with our flexible range of products and services. Want to offer your callers a Local Rate, What is a local rate

What is a 0845? - Why should I get one new 0845 or should I go 0345 now? - What will 0345 give me, that 0845 will not?

Should you be using NGN - Marketing Numbers for National Advertising Campaigns?
Answer = Yes
OK So:
Is 0845 the right choice for such a campaign? Answer = No
0808 = Yes
0800 = Yes
0300 = Yes
0330 = Yes
0333 = Yes
0845 = No

No, do not take a new 0845 number unless you fully understand the position of 0845 & the future. Ofcom are encouraging all to replace any 0845 they may already with a 0345. The aim to get rid of 0845 & 0870 completely.

Yes get a new 0345 or in fact any 0333 or 0330 will do just as good. Using an 0345 will give your callers a much preferred number for them to dial from their mobiles and so 03 option will encourage lots more calls than a 0845.

Full Number Marketing review
We assess all your customer facing marketing material from flyers to emails, your website and social media content (and everything in between). We can then recommend changes to increase sales enquiries and which are sensitive commercially to better understanding what elements/parts make up you8r business services. Your offering should look as attractive to potential buyer and show how you are better than the competition if possible. We create the exact reporting tools you need to help monitor your numbers/businesses success.

0845 Number Features


0845 0345 with Call Handling

Arguably it always better to have call handling features on the 0845 or 0345 in the cloud, rather than on your PBX, i.e not after the Freephone number has delivered the call to you.

Capacity issues will not affect the ability of the cloud to handle simultaneous calls, callers will never hear engaged or unanswered, these responses are typical of a non-cloud PBX delivered solution.


0845 0345 Number Resilience & Continuity

Call delivery quality & network resilience when using non major networks produces an overall inferior 'cheap 0345' supply solution, but this does not stack up as callers could suffer from echo, distortion, delay or crackling on the line.

Surely it is better to try to where-ever possible impress each 0845 0345 caller (in the way you handle their call) rather than the reverse which potentially could just annoy them. We aim to strengthen your brand and unify your callers experiences.


0845 0345 Number Complex Call Routing

Clever call handling allow for scenarios, where callers would otherwise not be dealt with quickly, are great to ensure calls are answered and quickly. Click here for more on choosing your complex call routing features on your new 0345 number.

The ability to have absolute precise call control over your 0845 0345 calls at all times allows for the efficient delivery of inbound to be streamlined into measurable quality standards where levels of achievement can be closely monitored.

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