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Case Study:Your Mortgage Decisions Ltd

Surrounding Background

In August 2015 Olly from Your Mortgage Decisions Ltd came to 08UK to enquire about getting some new low call rate numbers to effectively replace their current 0845 numbers, conscious of the higher call charges customers were facing to dial 0845, FCA rules required regulated companies to offer low call rate 03 numbers instead. Olly from YMD had been tasked to replace the 0845’s with far more favourable virtual numbers where the cost for the caller was far lower. Whilst this meant changing their phone numbers YMD were also interested in taking this opportunity to obtain and advertise a far more memorable telephone number than the quality of the 0845’s they were using.

Specific Details Charges / Costs

Previous to the conversation with 08UK YMD had the two 0845 numbers with BT. Indeed BT were the originating range holder and the service was still being supplied & billed directly by BT. YMD informed us they were not paying per minute to receive calls however BT were charging them £20/Month rental for the use of two 0845 numbers. One number was used as the main business contact telephone number the other was directed to their fax machine. Following the Ofcom changes on July 1st 2015 the 0845 600 number range in question used by Your Mortgage Decisions Ltd is now a 5p per minute service charge number. The service charge at 5p per minute is not high, however, the access charge added to this means callers from mobiles would have to pay almost 50p per minute to call these numbers (the access charge is the cost applied by the line/handset being used to make the call).

YMD asked BT if they would put messages on to the two 0845 numbers to advise the callers that the numbers had changed but apparently BT were unwilling to do this without YMD agreeing to another 12 month contract (at cost of £240 per annum again) plus a one off charge of £30 per number to upload the recordings. YMD asked 08UK to port the numbers seamlessly from BT to 08UK. We agreed to do this free of any charges, plus as we do not charge rentals the 0845 service with us would be completely free to YMD. It was any easy decision for YMD then to agree to allow 08UK to take over the two 0845’s. YMD then chose new 0333 000 numbers which were then much easier to remember and much cheaper for any callers.

Real example calling 0845 600 from any EE mobile handset:-

EE’s access charge is 42 pence per minute plus the 5 pence per minute service charge for the 0845 600 therefore means callers from EE would have to pay 47 pence per minute to call that 0845 range.

Overall Outcome

By choosing new 0333 numbers YMD were then able to make sure that their customers are now only ever charged a low landline rate when contacting Your Mortgage Decisions Ltd.

The new business numbers are now far more attractive to promote YMD’s services. Your Mortgage Decisions seamlessly ported their 0845 numbers to us and acquired new 03 numbers, this was a smooth transition with no disruptions.

http://www.yourmortgagedecisions.com - Your Mortgage Decisions Ltd

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