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Inbound Phone Call Rebates

Earn money back from every minute of every call. For customer service lines, technical support telephone number, product specific phone lines & so much more supporting customers costs your business time & staff & so money. Having a rebate, revenue, cash-back income stream based upon your call volumes could really boost your business & help to pay for these staffing costs.

Using an 0871 for instance could earn your business £3.60 per hour / per line. With just twenty lines this could produce an income of over £17K per month. Choosing 0871 or 0872 or 0843 or 0844 numbers could produce a significant rebate for you each month. 0872/1 are charged at up to 10p/minute from a BT landline so up to 6p is available with our rebate starting from 3.75p/minute with absolutely no charge to your business. 0843/4 similarly is charged at up to 5p/minute from a BT landline so up to 3p is available with our rebate starting from 1p/minute with absolutely no charge to your business.

So with absolutely ZERO set up or rental charges on the majority of our 08 numbers you could only ever receive money back from our 0871/2 or 0844/3 number services. We have clients who receive over 10K per month from us each and every month. If you would prefer references before choosing your 08 rebate supplier we can supply these. We have had some major UK PLC customers for over ten years if you need to be assured you are choosing the right company & tier 1 call quality from only major robust carrier networks.

We are not price driven & we will not compromise quality just to be able to give you another 1p/minute. We strongly suggest you do not choose 'cheaper alternative suppliers' - as you will just have problems at some point. We choose whom we represent very carefully & have proven decade long relationships with most of the UK's major carriers; Vodafone, Gamma, Virgin Business, Telstra & Global Crossing to name but a few.

If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email so we can call you back.

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