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Charges to 0800 Cost to Call From Mobile to Landline

Charges to 0800 Cost to Call From Mobile to Landline

0800 Cost to call, free to call from a landline (so zero call charge/minute) here in the UK. 0800 Cost to call when dialled from a mobile/smart phone is now free as of July 2015. Did you know the owner of the free phone 0800 number used to be charged to receive your call? even if you were calling from a mobile where the call was being paid for?

Ofcom 0800 Change 2015 to Cost to Call
0800 was changed by Ofcom in July 2015, we were previously charged by the UK mobile carrier networks for a 'free phone call' - this was madness and needed to change. The UK is unlike the vast majority of countries in Europe - where a free phone call - actually does mean the call is totally free at all times. Who was to blame for allowing calls from mobiles to be charged at up to 20p/min - when the numbers were supposed to be Freephone numbers? Not 08UK nor any 08 provider/supplier, we do not make the rules, we must just operate within them./p>

FREE 0800? 0800 numbers, 0808, 0500 cost to call
0800, 0808 or 0500; all these numbers are UK free-phone numbers, so all are totally free of any charge/min when dialled from absolutely any UK landline network operator.
Changes were made July 2015 by Ofcom which sorted the issue out. It was a long wait but finally free phone numbers are actually free from mobile. OFCOM change to 0800 pricing.

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