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Carrier Faults / Platform Resilience / Year-on-Year Performance Since 2012

Carrier Faults / Platform Resilience / Year-on-Year Performance Since 2012

This page is dedicated to list any fault any of our customers has experienced on Inbound 08, 03, 09 numbers.

These faults occurred are listed here to offer an open-book record of any issues & this shows how quickly they were resolved by the Major Tier1 Carriers technical teams.

Network Fault Details occurred since Jan 2012, which has affected our clients service on virtual numbers:

Carrier Network Date Brief Description of Issue How long did the fault last
Virgin Media 10-10-12 Platform Fault (gave engaged tone to callers Raised at 10.25am - Cleared 11.45am
Virgin Media 18-12-12 Platform gave call failed tone intermittently to some callers Raised at 12.55pm - Resolved by 3pm
Virgin Media 22-05-14 Platform did not allow prompt messages to be uploaded Raised at 11.00am - Resolved by 6pm
Virgin Media 2-11-15 Interconnect fault stopped calls hitting Platform so callers heard silence Raised at 9.40am - Resolved by 1pm
Virgin Media 20-11-17 In & ECT intermittently calls were not connecting so callers heard silence. Ref 5773103 Raised at 10.25am - Resolved by 3pm
BT 01-12-17 Unable to login onto Platform to make any changes. Raised at 11.30am - Resolved by 12.18pm

If you are an existing 08UK customer with a fault on one of our services please Call 0330 123 0299 or email & we will call you back.

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