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Cloud PBX Business - ACD Continuity and DR

Cloud PBX Business - ACD Continuity and DR

Telephone answering as a business services is no longer the same in that cloud call handling now allows for a robust cloud continuity & disaster recovery solution that is far more flexible than ever previously possible. This is helped by the continual improvements in 3G and ADSL/Broadband bandwidth & IP of course.

Now potentially any worker could be almost anywhere in the UK or in the world - while still at work - answering your client calls/emails/. Your customer should of course know no different whilst you can gain from massively reduced overheads as quite simply less desks are required so a smaller office is a possibility.

Virtual offices with cloud continuity/disaster recovery could lead to lower running costs which could then allow your business to make more profit or reduce your prices for your clients & this should produce more business success for your company. It does obviously crucially depend on what exactly you require for your customer service teams, the simple equation that plenty of workers available to answer phone calls ensures an improved customer service works in principle anyway.

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