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0871 and 0872 Cost to Call Charges

0871 and 0872 Cost to Call Charges

UK mobile networks charge/minute to connect to 0871 or 0872 numbers up to 40 pence depending upon if the mobile is in a contract or on a pay-as-you go tariff. Calls from UK landlines cost up to 10 pence from a BT landline. 0871/2 number owners are classed as premium rate users now & are charged to the landline caller at up to 10/minute from a BT landline.

0871 is the only real revenue generating premium rate 08 number, those wanting to earn revenue share per minute On 1st August 2009 Ofcom made all 0871 or 0872 numbers premium rate numbers & they are now regulated by the Phone-Paid Services Authority. Owners on 0871 numbers usually receive a small revenue of between 2p & 6p depending upon how many minutes they receive of calls each month. The owner of the 0871 does not collect any revenue from the mobile networks whom are charging these much higher charges.

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